Product and service photography is an essential aspect of any business. Professional product photos showcase not only the value of what is being sold, but also build brand identity within the marketplace. Products can be photographed in a variety of lighting situations, in or out of the studio, and crafted to fit your needs and generate the most appeal. The goal of a product shoot may be to highlight the value proposition being offered or simply to create beautiful images for a website, advertisement, product portfolio, or social media presence. In any case, we look forward to working with your creative team.

Product Photography

The value of product photography

Product photography is about creativity and cultivating a message implied or stated through images. In this sense, product photography is about storytelling and offering images that are descriptive. Product photography is about being attentive to details and reflecting the best qualities of the product from an aesthetic and marketing standpoint. Investing in quality product photos will generate value for a business' brand identity. 


Professional Product Photographers

Professional product photographers have perfected their craft over many years and have a specific style that sets their studio apart. At Narrative Images, we have learned to adapt to our clients artistic and creative vision. We use our academic backgrounds and nearly 20 years of experience to create photos for our clients.

We often work with a creative or marketing team to develop sets of images that are artistic and versatile. We have an efficient and productive process and workflow, but also leave room for creativity to emerge and be explored. 

Regardless of what is being marketed, we understand that professional photography and the quality of product photos specifically, will either add or detract interest and value from your company. 



Post-Processing of images from a Product Shoot

Post-Processing is an important aspect of any shoot, but especially product shoots. At Narrative Images, each image that is selected from the shoot will be processed and per our clients request. We can make adjustments, edits, enhancements, as well as add clipping masks etc... in photoshop as needed. We can basically accommodate any post-processing requests you have and need.  

Photoshop is an amazing resource that expands the tools available to photographers throughout the creative process. We often will produce the images we seek to create onsite and use photoshop as a secondary tool to breakthrough any limitations that may present themselves in the creative process. However, it is also sometimes the case that post-processing becomes a more central to the final set of images and the photos provide the raw materials. 



product photography and ecommerce

We work with local companies ranging from medical device manufactures to technology, staffing, breweries, food company or restaurant etc... in order to produce professional product photos that reflect their brand. If your company is not local to San Diego, you can also ship your products to us and we will photograph them for you. You may be a seller on Etsy or international corporation; we will provide the highest quality images to suit your needs and help you peak consumer demand and attract new customers.  



Food photography

Food photography is a form of product photography and is best done when it entices the viewer to explore the flavor and texture profile of the dish. Photographing food is about juxtaposing textures and for certain foods or dishes; implying flavors and quality through manipulating the light and the scene elements. Local restaurants, bakeries, farmers, coffee roasters etc... all have a unique quality that makes their products appealing and it is our job to feature that visually through photos.   

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