The creative team

Originally from San Diego, Bernadette’s interest in photography and culture led her to study, photograph and teach in different parts of the world. Along with running Narrative Images for more than 15 years, she has also taught at local community arts organizations (The AjA Project and MOPA the Museum of Photographic Arts) that use photography as a tool for personal transformation and social change. Bernadette has also taught photography classes for UCSD.

Rick grew up on the East Coast in a community where he was first introduced to photography by the father of his childhood friend (an award winning photojournalist). In college Rick studied Photography and Sociology, eventually graduating from the London School of Economics. His academic academic background shapes the approach he takes to photography - specifically his work on social issues and visual narrative series. He has also taught classes at UCSD and Grossmont College. His interests in people and culture have informed his perspective and shaped the approach that he takes to all of his photographic work. 

We value being able to use our cameras as instruments for social progress. We feel a strong responsibility to support arts programs and organizations that improve communities and our environment. We have taught for the Museum of Photographic Arts (MOPA), UCSD, the AjA Project and others to name a few. Through teaching and donations, we are committed to supporting non-profit educational programs, especially those that use photography to inspire social change and self-transformation.


Narrative Images Photography is an award winning San Diego based photography studio.

Over the years we have partnered with non-profits/NGOs and government organizations on creating and providing photography for marketing and advertising campaigns as well as policy initiatives. Our social documentary and photojournalistic editorial photography work has been featured in publications and exhibits.

A recent project was show in the US Capitol building. Additionally, we have enjoyed teaching photography classes, and are published in magazines and a few books on photography including a guide for photographers on mastering the technical and creative aspects of photo shoots. 

Narrative Images