Headshots are essential for any working professional across industries. Narrative Images will work with you to produce the highest quality headshots for your business, online linkedIn profile, or executive portraits. These can be taken in studio, on location, or outdoors within a more natural or urban environment. 

Professional Headshots and Environmental Portraits

Why Hire a San Diego Headshot Photographer?

A professional portrait and headshot photographer has the gear and more importantly experience in how to optimize all the aspects of the shoot to create the best possible photos. Portrait photographers understand how the different elements of a portrait create the best headshots and reflect the personality of the subject and persona being captured. Decisions about clothing, positioning, lighting, and the background, all convey a message about you and what you are trying to convey. A professional portrait photographer has experience working with many different people in all types of settings and with various objectives. At Narrative Images, we bring that wealth of experience into your portrait session and provide you with numerous options to choose from after your session.

You can make a great first impression with a professional headshot. We understand how to help you portray what you want to portray in your headshot whether it be trustworthiness, leadership, approachability, professionalism, creativity, fun artistic expression, pensiveness etc... We have photographed, executives, authors, actors, dancers, CEOs, sales agents, celebrities, and industry leaders in different fields. 


Our headshots are used for different purposes:

Narrative Images photography specializes in business headshots and executive portraits, along with many aspects of professional photography. Headshots are commonplace, but the really professional and polished one's standout. Many headshots are used for executive portraits, corporate and company profiles as well as linkedIn professional profile photos. Actors, entertainers, musicians, lawyers, administrators, medical, sales and business professionals alike should have the best high-quality profile photos.

Working with a diverse set of clients across industries prepares us to provide you with a unique and tailored experience so that you can a great first-impression with your profile photo. For companies, a set of professionally taken headshots can boost your brand and enhance your online presence.


What should I wear for my professional headshot?

If you are seeking job it is advisable to wear attire that matches the position that you are seeking. Otherwise the choice is partially personal preference and what you think looks good along with what projects the culture of where you work. For example, if you work for a small artesian brewery or are a coffee roaster you may dress differently than if you work for a corporate law or financial advisory firm.  


Tips for the best headshots

1. Don't try and take your own headshot. There is a big difference between a professional portrait and a selfie-style snapshot. A photographer not only has access to the best equipment, but also has the ability to optimize the lighting and assess how all the factors that go into making great portraits come together during the shoot. It is also difficult to look at yourself objectively and lastly, it is an investment in your career. Just because some of the tools are available, does not mean that anyone can produce the same results. 

2. Keep it simple. Choose clothing that fits well, suits your personality, projects the image you want to represent, and has a simple pattern. 

3. Professional portrait photographers know how to optimize not only your appearance, but also aspects of your gesture, micro-expressions, lighting and the background. Trust the photographer. That being said, there is also nothing wrong with asking to see a sample. It is a good idea to do so, and in fact we will often share images on the back of the camera with our clients or if we are shooting tethered, ask if you would like to take a look.  


Where should I use my professional headshots? 

Many clients will use their headshots across various social media platforms and LinkedIn. It is a great way to market yourself and network with a professional presence.  


Do you provide retouching in photoshop of my headshot?

Narrative Images will provide editing and optimization of tour headshot photos when we deliver the proofs. Often our clients do not require much retouching if any at all. However, we do provide retouching and have an hourly fee. We will give you an estimate for what is requested. 


Should I take my headshot in a natural location, office setting, or studio?

Natural locations can make for a great headshot backdrop and may offer a nice contrast to your formal business attire. If you are someone who works in a more natural or rustic field or area a blurred nature scene may be a perfect complement to your portrait. 


Our Headshot services 

Professional retouching

image proofing and online gallery

On site or in studio

We can shoot on location (in a park, downtown, at your office) We also can bring our studio setup to you. This is a convenient way to have multiple headshots taken at once. You are also welcome to join us in studio   

All your photos will be made available for download in a custom online gallery. We will also show you the photos during the session so you make sure you love your photos.

Each and every photo will be professionally edited and optimized so that you look your best. We offer additional in-depth photoshop services and masking as well.

Our headshot services and process will ensure you are not only satisfied, but love your headshot. We will work with you to create a clean and professional headshot that reflects who you are and projects the image you want to create 

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