Environmental Portraits & headshots

Our portraits tell a visual story

Environmental portraits should have a narrative quality and headshots should feature you at your best. 

Environmental portrait services

Environmental portraits are shot on-location and typically involve a mix of natural and studio lighting to create and capture the look and feel you want to create.

Location scouting


Onsite sessions

We always scout the location to find the best spot to have the shoot. We will setup everything without disrupting you. When we are ready to shoot we will pull our subject in briefly for the series of shots so not to disrupt their schedule. 

We will bring all our studio gear on-location. Let us know who you would like photographed and the general setting and we will have everything necessary to create natural and compelling images that tell a story. 

We offer advanced photoshop editing, masking, and optimization services. We can shoot and clip, mask or alter aspects of the image however you may need. We can also deliver in any whatever file format that fits your intended use case. 

Our Headshot services 

Professional retouching

image proofing and online gallery

On site or in studio

We can shoot on location (in a park, downtown, at your office) We also can bring our studio setup to your office. This is a convenient way to have multiple headshots taken at once. You are also welcome to join us in studio   

All your photos will be made available for download in a custom online gallery. We will also show you the photos during the session so you make sure you love your photos.

Each and every photo will be professionally edited and optimized so that you look your best. We offer additional in-depth photoshop services and masking as well.

Our headshot services and process will ensure you are not only satisfied, but love your headshot. We will work with you to create a clean and professional headshot that reflects who you are and projects the image you want to create 

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, However, if you are seeking job it is advisable to wear attire that matches the position that you are seeking. Otherwise the choice is partially personal preference and what you think looks good along with what projects the culture of where you work.

Yes, we can provide a group rate for you. If you are having a large event, we also offer a headshot booth that we can setup onsite.

We will provide you with an online gallery after we cull and edit your photos. The number of looks will be determined by the time we spend shooting at the session. We provide you with plenty of options and encourage a couple different looks or takes. We will also show you your images at the shoot.

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