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How do you deliver the photos?

All of your culled, edited and optimized photos will be delivered to you in a custom online gallery that will remain online as long as you need. You will be able to share and download your images from there. We can also upload directly to your dropbox or server..

Will you you edit the photos?

Yes! In fact, all the proofs in your online gallery will have gone through professional editing as well as optimization by hand. We also handle detailed photoshop retouching and design work on a per request basis. 

Do you offer licensing for the images?

All of your photos will include licensing and usage permissions so that you can get the most value out of your images.

How fast can you turn around images?

We offer on-site turn around and delivery if needed for your marketing or social media team. Let us know what your timeline needs are and we will meet them.  

Do you travel?

We travel across the US and internationally for shoots and events. It has been so rewarding to handle the photography needs of our clients year after year regardless of where the shoot or event is taking place.

Is there a certain number of images that we get?

We will cull and edit a set of proofs from your shoot or event and provide them to you online for easy sharing and downloading. There is no limit and we will capture and provide you with all the selected and optimized images from your shoot so you have some options to choose from.