Narrative Images has worked with clients across industries to showcase their brand and culture with the with the highest quality professional photography service. Branding photography helps you create a set of images that represent and effectively communicate your brand identity. This might include portraits, blog images, social media, and products or services being used and performed. We have partnered with companies, non-profits and other organizations to develop and execute their marketing strategies. We have developed visual content for many purposes, including websites, product portfolios, annual reports, and marketing campaigns. This editorial work includes office lifestyle shoots and products in fields ranging from education to healthcare, real estate, law, finance, software technology, and government agencies. 

Brand marketing photography services

San Diego Professional Photography for corporate branding

When looking for additional ways to make your business stand out from competitors, professional photography is a great option. There are many ways in which hiring a professional photographer to highlight your office spaces can benefit your organization whether it is a local San Diego business or international brand. There are many different aspects that are intertwined in representing an organizations culture, personality and products. Visual presence is important to an organization's identity, and photography is at the heart of conveying this message. 

There are a number of different types of images and marketing shoots that when combined tell the story of your company, product, or new initiative or goals. 


Office lifestyle photos

Types of Brand Marketing Images

Team Photos and Corporate Headshots can be a great way to convey the culture of your organization. Are your headshots taken against a white backdrop in a studio setting, or are they taken outdoors. Is each photo unique and does it reflect the personality of the individual, or are they all similar in terms of expression and setting? Are they taken with more or less of a candid feel? These are all considerations that in a subtle way send a message about your organization and its culture. 

Photos of Products and Services may feature people in the field using them or they may simply showcase or highlight the product itself. Most companies will include a combination of of the two types of product images to define their niche in the market. You may need to expand a product portfolio or launch/produce a new set of products and services; regardless, Narrative Images will partner with your team at any step in the process. 

Event Photography is important not only for the attendees, but can be used across social media platforms. Photography from corporate events and celebrations is a great way to share new announcements, motivate teams and partners, and show the community that is a part of your organization. 


 1- Show the human side of your business:

First of all, professional office photography can serve to highlight your employees and pull back the screen on some inside operations. What this does is essentially showcase the human aspect of your business and the individuals responsible for making sure everything runs as it should. By showing your customers the people who work to serve them, you build trust between your employees and your target audience. This style of photography can also be used to document office events and create candid photographs for your website or other social media platforms. This shows your audience that your business is capable of hosting successful events and that you provide for your employees, giving them a good impression of your brand. 

2- Communicate your brand’s personality/culture

Hiring a professional San Diego photographer can also serve to show your customers the culture and personality that is specific to your brand. Depending on the pictures you use to promote your brand, they can change the way your audience feels about your company. Having some candid, more laid back, photos will help customers connect with your brand on a more personal level while building trust. Seeing as people are more likely to support a business that aligns with their values, this can help to build a dedicated customer base. 

3- Help illustrate services and facilities - behind the scenes

As stated previously, a San Diego corporate photographer can help to show some behind-the-scenes operations of your business. This can be as simple as posting pictures of your offices and surrounding facilities on your social media pages and website. This is a more indirect angle of marketing than something like product photography but still serves to show-off your product or service. Allowing your target audience to get an insider’s perspective of your company will help them to feel closer to you and your business as a whole. 

4- Professional office photography for your website

Having professional photos to display on your company’s website is essential for creating a strong brand with a reliable customer base. As the world becomes more and more digital, a polished website is the main method of information from you to your customer. Clear, aesthetically pleasing photographs can help your audience understand your brand’s mission and services. Good website photography does more than simply make your website look nice, it also has the potential to increase the amount of time people spend looking at your site. This gives you a greater chance of developing new customers and more devoted, long term customers.  

5- As part of your social media strategy

Lastly, professional office photography can be helpful as a part of your brand’s social media strategy. Social media provides new and innovative ways to reach out to your target audience and make them aware of your brand. Using high-quality photos to promote your brand on social media gives viewers a better impression and can help your posts gain popularity in the online world. Candid photos used on social media can work in much the same way, as can using humor to spark conversation beneath your posts. Eventually, followers will turn into customers and your brand will continue to grow. 


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